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Analysis UK email problems

Apologies to anybody that's tried to email me in the last week but my emails been broken.

It turns out that the email service I use as a front end had an old personal email address in their billing information for me, so when my annual subscription was due I didn't get a reminder because I no longer have the personal email address I used (I finally ditched Demon and sadly lost the email address I had with them since about 1998 – my advice is don't get an email address tied to your internet provider – better yet, get your own domain name and use that for email so you are not tied to any company – but be sure to remember to renew your domain name!).

Having had lots of spam recently I through that the reduced level of emails was just because the spam was slowing down – the automated status emails from my web sites were still coming through because they went directly to the mail server and not via the front end thing, so it looked like I was still getting emails on that account, hence it wasn't until I sent my self an email from a separate account (I know – I need to get out more) and it bounced that I realised something was wrong.

Hopefully all fixed now.

The irony of the situation is that I signed up with the service so that I wouldn't loose emails if my email server went down. They provide 2 front end mail delivery servers that forward it onto the real mail server when it's running. I think I've lost more email because of it than I ever lost because my server was down.

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