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Remember The Bin Graphics

Sometimes my graphics skills amaze me, they are like my spelling, terrible, truly terrible!

So, here for your amusement is the first pass graphic for, a website I'm currently working on, it will be a reminder service for those of us that forget to put the bin out, or can't remember which bin we are supposed to be putting out.

Now if any of you readers know of a way to get dustbin collection details from the council in a automated style (I.e. not scraping the various council websites) and especially how to get the list of changes that occur because of bank holidays please get in touch.

You can fine me on Twitter @BookSwapSteve or the new twitter account @RememberTheBin

Failing that give me a call on 0800 612 4699 (0800 61 Binzz) – which by the way is my new business number.

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  • Gill

    12/21/2009 4:52:37 AM |

    That's TOO cute!  I love it.

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