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Mid May Madness

Now the summers on its way I’m sure you want to be spending less time watching your computer start and more time enjoying the better weather.

So for a limited time I’ve reduced the price of LazyLoad from $29.99 to $9.99. Why not take the opportunity to purchase LazyLoad at the special price of $9.99 and reduce the amount of time your staring at a computer waiting for it to be usable.

I’ve also introduced some extra purchasing options, for home users a family pack provides a great way to get LazyLoad on every machine in the house, for commercial users I’ve added some site license options.

About 7 months ago I launched LazyLoad and at the time I intended to write a short blog post to talk about it. Well 7 Months latter I’m finally getting their, me and blogging just are not getting along.

LazyLoad is designed to take the strain from you computer whilst it starts. Simple really! When you buy a new computer it’s always nice and quick, then years latter you’re reduced to sitting waiting for it to start up and become usable.

One of the main culprits of the slow start is all the programs that start when Windows starts. Have a look at your notification area (bottom right of the screen), just how many programs have you got running in the background – lots? Chances are that each one of these starts when Windows starts.

What happens when Windows Starts? Once you’ve logged in then all of the programs in your Startup folder get started along with those listed in a special part of the Windows registry. They all get started at about the same time, this becomes a problem as they all need to be loaded from disk, they all need processor time to run, they all need to be put somewhere into the system memory.

One of the major problems with this becomes the hard disk, to load all the programs the head in the hard disk needs to move to the track the programs stored on and read the data. At the same time another application is asking for it’s data from a different area and so the head has to move again to the new location, possible not having completed the first request, so in the end the hard disk is shuffling the head back and forward over the disk to find what it needs.

To reduce the strain on the hard disk and provide a smoother startup LazyLoad allows you to schedule the loading of your applications a specific time after your computer has started. By stopping all the applications from loading at once the system is able to concentrate on a few specific tasks and get these done quicker – the net result is your machine becomes usable much earlier.

LazyLoad is free to try for 30 days so if you’ve not already tried it then download a copy. If you like it then purchase if license whilst it’s on special offer.