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What happened to .ws domain names?

Sincere apologies to all trying to access, or

Something appears to have gone badly wrong with the .ws dns system. Sites such as and have been effected as well.

It’s not a good thing when an entire domain name extension disappears from the internet!

When I try and run a DNSReport on them some DNS servers return empty name servers and others are reporting nothing at all (

It appears over the last 2-3 hours things are starting to return to normal. Hopefully I can stop pulling my hair out now. still returns nothing for but the other servers are returning the correct nameservers.

I’ve always wondered why I was able to get some really good domain names easily with the .ws extension, Guess I know one of the reasons now!

The good news is that I updated et al over the last few nights with a new code base that I’ve been working on for ages, this sees some background improvements to the sale transaction handling which was needed for future plans, improved pages for sale transactions management and some other smaller updates. More updates to come soon.