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MSBuild AWS Task Library

Previously myself, Alan and Alastair had pitched in down the pub to create a simple MSBuild to S3 publisher task, mainly as a way for us to learn the Amazon Web Services (AWS) API. It turns out I wasn't the only one wanting a MSBuild task for S3/AWS, the week that followed saw Roy Osherove tweet that he was looking for something similar and Neil Robbins was looking for EC2 automation.

So with that, and a bank holiday weekend at hand the S3 publisher task got extended. It now supports:

  • More S3 commands

    • CreateS3BucketTask

    • DeleteS3BucketTask

    • PutS3FileObjectTask

    • PutS3TextObjectTask

    • DeleteS3ObjectTask

    • SetS3ObjectAclTask

    • S3BuildPublisher

  • EC2 Automation

    • AssociateIpAddressTask

    • AttachVolumeTask

    • CreateSnapShotTask

    • CreateVolumeFromSnapshotTask

    • CreateVolumeTask

    • DeleteSnapShotTask

    • DeleteVolumeTask

    • DetachVolumeTask

    • DisassociateIpAddressTask

    • RebootEC2InstancesTask

    • RunEC2InstancesTask

    • StartEC2InstancesTask

    • StopEC2InstancesTask

    • TerminateEC2InstancesTask

  • SimpleDB

    • CreateSimpleDBDomainTask

    • DeleteSimpleDBDomainTask

    • PutSimpleDBAttributeTask

    • GetSimpleDBAttributeTask

    • DeleteSimpleDBAttributesTask

  • Simple Notification Service

    • AddSNSPermissionsTask

    • CreateSNSTopicTask

    • DeleteSNSTopicTask

    • PublishSNSNotificationTask

    • SubscribeToSNSTopicTask

    • UnsubscribeFromSNSTopicTask

  • Simple Queue Service.

    • CreateSQSQueueTask

    • DeleteSQSQueueTask

    • SendSQSMessageTask

    • DeleteSQSMessageTask

    • ReceiveSQSMessageTask

    • WaitForSQSMessageTask

If you want to see how to use the .NET SDK for AWS have a loot at the code, it gives a really simple insight and the code for the MSBuild task library is licensed under MS-PL so you can take what you want.

Since the last blog post I've changed the build script so the files are now zipped and distributed to S3 so you can download the latest MSBuild AWS Task Library build, I am also uploading builds (not automated yet) to the download section of the SnowCode Google code repository.

Alan pointed out theirs a much better Url to svn the code from: without the rest of the SnowCode.

Lasest Builds here:

Official Downloads here: