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Over the weekend I finished a few last bits off and released, a free reminder service to help you (well me really) put the correct bin out on the appropriate day.

In a twist of Irony, whilst making the quick introduction video below I set myself a bin reminder for my black bin for the next bin day (Wednesday).  Well, when returning home Tuesday evening I knew it was bin day but couldn't remember if it was the Green+Blue bins or my black bin, and none of my neighbours had put out their bin.  I decided to wait and see in the morning, as it turns out it was the black bin and I was able to get it out in time.

The moral of the story, is here to help me remember which bin I'm supposed to be putting out.  If you also have problems then feel free to use it as well.  Theirs no joining process, just login using your using your FaceBook, Twitter or OpenId credentials, an account is generated automatically then add the bins you need reminding about, setup how you want to be notified and then sit back and wait for the reminders.

You can get reminders via sms text message, email or even Tweeted to you.

The video below shows just how easy it is, 2m 25s is all it took to log in and setup the reminders, which included me waffling.


RememberTheBin intro video