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DNS Problems

Apologies for the recent outage of Dollars2Pounds and the other exchange rate sites. You may not have noticed if you or your ISP had the DNS values in cache as the site was actually up and running.

Just a couple of days ago I updated Dollars2Pounds to use the DNS servers of the host I have the server with, thinking that it would reduce the load on my servers and that they would be less likely to go down than my servers.

How very wrong I was, earlier this evening I got an email from the site monitoring service I use (site up time) telling me that Dollars2Pounds was unreachable.

A quick check and the site was up and running but the DNS servers were not returning anything and the host providers main web site was down as well.

Hopefully this is a rare occurrence, however since EV1Servers got taken over things have gone badly, not least the 3 day outage recently when a transformer blew up.

Lets hope things improve as it's really painful to change hosts and you don't really know what will happen at a new hosts.

I've also managed to accidentally knock the odd site off line over the past week whilst I've been setting up the accounts on the new server.

The good news is that all my exchange rates sites (Dollars2Pounds, Pounds2Euro etc.) are now on a more powerful server and using a more up to date exchange rate source which is updated every 15 or 60 mins. dependent on the currency pair.

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