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Pound touches 14 year high against US Dollar

The BBC is reporting that the Pound reached a 14 year high against the US Dollar during Monday.

I don’t have 14 years worth of data in the Dollars2Pounds exchange rate database, but here’s a chart of what the last 5 years looks like.

(Apologies for the Y axis label problem, Excel has decided not to allow me to show the full label – I have no idea why, I’ve tried allsorts).

I'm currently working on adding charting to, however this is in a big queue with lots of other things I need to be working on so isn’t happening as quickly as I would like – it’s also reliant on me finding a charting package that I like, and I’ve not had much luck so far.

If you want to play with a chart in Excel your self you can use Dollars 2 Pounds exchange rate history page and Excel’s Web Query.

From Excel select :
Data -> Import External Data -> New Web Query

In the Window that opens enter the Rates History URL.

Select the arrow pointing to the date title of the rates table, it should turn to a tick

Click on Import, select where to import the data to in the Import Data window and wait whilst Excel gets the data.

Your spreadsheet should now look something like:

Now, if like me your in the UK, it’s a great time to buy software, components, domain names and the like from US sources as everything’s practically half price!.

Please remember the actual exchange rates you receive from your credit card, money transfer or other currency conversion will differ from the rates published, please check the rate offered by the company converting your currency first and remember that conversions are an approximate indication only and cannot be guaranteed by Analysis UK.

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