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Demon regrade fiasco : Day 34

Today I received a very nice and apologetic letter from Demon in response to my complaint I sent them on Day 16. The letter basically stated that my comments have been noted and my suggestions will be considered along with a lot of the usual reasoning for the FUP.

One thing that gets me is I still don’t see how the implementation that Demon have taken for the FUP will work. It’s measured over 30 days, so month 1 you download everything in site, get all your Amazon unboxed downloads, update your Napster tracks, catch up with the latest updates on C4’s broadband download and BBC 2’s downloads, Sky by broadband so on and so forth and you can easily go well over the download limit, I get the impression I could just leave the PC on downloading day and night on my 6Meg (should I say, up to 8Meg) connection, then next month you get capped so you spend the month doing little and picking up your email, follow that with the month after then you could hammer the connection again.

Now if I was to do that the FUP would work for every other month but be completely pointless for the high bandwidth months. Now granted the FUP worked for me and got me onto a more expensive account as I’m sure it will have done for a lot of others, but this package is three times the regular package so I’m sure lots of people will save their downloads for every other month and rack up high bandwidth usage then, how is that going to help Demons other customers who share the exchange? I don’t think it is. If it was capped after the FUP limit for the rest of the month that would have a much more helpful impact on the other customers. Anyway, I’m sure it will all sort it’s self out.

Now just to help matters, not only did It take a total of 17 days from the date I ordered the regrade but had I have been a new customer I would have got a free modem and free installation and it would probably have been done a lot quicker, however because I’m a loyal Demon customer I got no modem and a £40 bill for the pleasure – Demon you sure do know how to rub salt into a wound!

OK, now hopefully that’s all behind me and I can get on with business and surfing, lets just hope I have no reason to contact customer support!

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