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The thing about a blog is

So I guess one of the main things about having a blog is actually writing to it, so I thought Id try and squeeze in a moment to give you all an update on what’s happening, in particular with

I have recently been working on some store style additions to the site, it’s all looking nice, these are going to be added free of charge for every member automatically. I had been aiming to get the RSS feeds working better to integrate these at the same time, unfortunately after accidentally sending my self 117,000 emails one night due to a little bug in the RSS generator I’m revisiting and working on these again (Interesting how Outlook 2003 couldn’t cope with more than 65535 emails, lets hope the spam never reaches that level!).

I’m also currently working on the helper application, this is looking really good and its top priority to get this completed and released into the wild for all you to play with.

You’ve probably spotted the obvious problem with thing at present, I have 3 mini projects running at the same time, not something that is really a good idea, I do like being able to divert my thoughts from one to another when I get stuck on something, this helps me remove my self and come back to it with a fresh mind, unfortunately it also means that have split loyalties between these projects.

The highlight of the week has to be getting the ADSL upgrade here at home, I now have a 1M line, although I do think a prize should go to the ISP, they warned me that my User ID may change during the regrade, it indeed did, and they kindly sent me an email telling me this and what the new one is, unfortunately they sent it at the same time the line got regarded, hence I was unable to login and pick it up, pure quality!.

Well, you’ve heard enough from me for a bit, I’m off to look out side and see if we’ve had any snow, it’s been fairly poor on the Snow front here in Cambridge.

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