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This blog's moved

Well if your reading this you've probably managed to work that out as it is! With a great deal of pain I've ported my old S9Y blog to BlogEngine.Net, mainly so it would run on a windows Server – yes I know S9Y in php should run on a Win Server and it was, but in a push to move to a new server I just haven't managed to get S9Y working on php 5.2+, to be fair I think it's the php install not S9Y, but still.

So, the rants and random bits which are my blog is now here at

Some interesting points come out of this.

  1. It's really difficult to transfer from one blog platform to another. Choose wisely!

    1. Now GoDaddy appear to have finally got their S9Y import working having wasted $9 before finding out it wasn't I found a free way (when you've got a domain with them) to try this. I still wasn't happy so didn't do that.

    2. Wordpress have a reasonable import, but that wouldn't so S9Y but I was able to export from GoDaddy's blogcast thing. In the end I still wasn't happy with a hosted wordpress blog.

    3. Eventually I went with BlogEngine.Net which has a tool to import blogs from RSS feeds, as it turns out that doesn't work to well with S9Y either (misses out the entire blog content and also the webservice has a bug or two), but as it's all .net I was easily able to hack a few lines of code to get it working – hopefully I'll tidy it up and send the diff to the team as it's on codeplex.

  2. Choose your blog's location carefully.

    1. Now one of the problems I had was that I chose originally for the blog location, when I moved to ASP.NET for the site that meant I needed php and ASP.NET (MVC) working smoothly together for url lookup, it all worked but everytime I use a web installer to update the site it would break the php settings in IIS 6.

    2. using the subdomain blog.* appears to be much nicer as it seperates off the blog and you can even point it to a hosted service.

So, the long and the short is, new url, new rss feed and even a new physical location in the cloud for this blog, I've also been shuffling a load of my other sites around and now a lot of them are running on an EC2 instance which has been really interesting to do, that warrants a separate blog post so I'll put one together soon for that.